“Jaeger Gik At Jage, En (A Hunter Went Out Hunting)”


Norwegian or Swedish pumping shanty. Translation: "A hunter went out a-hunting (2x) out in the woods so green. Chorus: Hali, halo, hali, halo, We sail and we pull (2x). Further verses were supposedly too obscene to print.


Hugill makes note that this shanty was originally a hunting song, though doesn't give a specific reference. - SL

Cross references


  1. Hugill, pp. 505-507, "En Jaeger Gik At Jage" (3 texts-Norwegian & English, 2 tunes)
  2. BI, Hugi505


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1888 (L.A. Smith, _Music of the Waters_)
Found in: Sweden Norway