“The Keeper”


Keeper goes hunting for a doe. In some versions he chases several unsuccessfully.


Most of the song consists of back-and-forth singing of the chorus between two singers. B.J. Orton thinks there is a sexual or magical subtext to this song. I doubt it, myself. -PJS

I have to disagree with Paul; at least one text refers to the Keeper kissing a doe, and another doe "[running] away in a young man's heart." There is surely some sort of hidden meaning. The real question is, how far did Sharp bowdlerize what he found?- RBW

Cross references

  • cf. "En Jaeger Gik At Jage (A Hunter Went Out Hunting)" (general feeling)


  • Pete Seeger, "The Keeper and the Doe" (on PeteSeeger09, PeteSeegerCD02) (on PeteSeeger18)


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Alternate titles: “The Keeper Would A-Hunting Go”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1916
Keywords: hunting animal dialog
Found in: Britain(England)