“Youpe! Youpe! Sur la Riviere!”


French: "Youpe! Youpe! sur la riviere, Vous ne m'entendez guere." The singer and Francois call upon Gauthier; they visit his girlfriend Delima. She rejects him as untrue; "You tell your little Jeremie the same things." The friends leave uproariously


Fowke writes, "Of all the paddling songs, [this] is the most thoroughly Canadian. Its hero is not a prince... but a habitant lad who goes to call on this girl and is rebuffed for being too fickle. It was especially popular among French-Canadian lumberjacks who adapted to their own use an earlier song called 'Le p'tit bois d'l'ail.'" - RBW


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  2. BI, FJ062


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1865
Found in: Canada(Que)