“The New-Mown Hay”


The singer walks out "one May morning" and spies "a pretty sweet maid All on the new-mown hay." She convinces him not to ravish her at once; "You'll spoil my maiden gown." She eludes him; he advises men not to worry about spoiling gowns


As far as the plot goes, this is exactly identical to "The Baffled Knight" [Child 112], and some (e.g. Bronson, Roud) have grouped them together. Kennedy, however, argues that they are separate, and the verse form implies he is right. To me, this looks like a cross between "The Baffled Knight" and "Rolling in the Dew (The Milkmaid)." - RBW

Separate from "The Baffled Knight"? Naah. Never mind "verse form" -- look at Kennedy's verse 3. I call that a smoking gun. - PJS

Cross references


  • William Rew ,"The New-Mown Hay" (on FSB2CD)


  1. Bronson 112, "The Baffled Knight" (40 versions) -- but #26-33 (his Appendix A) are "The New-Mown Hay," which we tentatively separate, and #34-#39 (his Appendix B) are "Katie Morey" [Laws N24] which is certainly separate
  2. Kennedy 184, "The New-Mown Hay" (1 text, 1 tune)
  3. DT, MORNDEW3*
  4. Roud #11
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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1908 (Sharp)
Keywords: seduction trick clothes
Found in: Britain(England(South,West)) Canada(Newf)