“The Henpecked Man”


"I'm the most henpecked man in town, I used to have lots of fun..." until his wife discovers him having an affair when he forgets to have receipts for the errands he allegedly was running. She makes sure he can't do it again. He warns against lies


I've never seen a version of this other than Harrell's, but it sounds traditional. The problem may be that no man would sing it for a collector.

Alfred Steagall's guitar accompaniment on this song is fascinating -- somewhere between ragtime and Mississippi John Hurt. I've heard nothing else like it on a recording of this era. I wonder if Steagall didn't influence later guitar stylists. - RBW


  • Kelly Harrell, "The Henpecked Man" (Victor 23689, 1929; on KHarrell02)


  1. Roud #13148
  2. BI, RcTHM


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1929 (recording, Kelly Harrell)
Found in: US