“The Drinaun Dun (An Draighnean Donn, The Blackthorn Tree)”


Irish Gaelic. The singer complains of being "captivated" by a young man, whose disappearance has caused her to wander. She shelters under the blackthorn. She tells of her love, wishes she had a boat to follow him, and warns girls to marry when they can


Not to be confused with "Draigheanan donn" by Robert Dwyer Joyce, a love song about a man who dreams of being home again with "her sweet loving kisses, 'neath the Drinan Donn." (source: _Irish Minstrelsy_ by H Halliday Sparling (1888), p. 301).

Charles Gavan Duffy, editor, The Ballad Poetry of Ireland (1845), pp. 143-144, "The Drinan Dhun" seems like a different translation of the same song. There are lines that are close but if translation were not a complicating factor I would consider these to be separate songs. - BS


  • Sean Dirrane, "An Droighnean Donn (The Blackthorn)" (on Aran1)


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Author: D F McCarthy (per O'Conor)
Earliest date: 1901 (O'Conor); probably by 1855 (Petrie Collection)
Found in: Ireland