“The Banks of Claudy”


The singer meets a girl on the banks of Claudy. She is seeking her lover. He tells her Johnny is false, she rejects this. He tells her Johnny is shipwrecked; she is distressed. He tells her he is Johnny. She rejoices

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Banks of Claudy, The [Laws N40]
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Where Are You Going Alice?

From the recording by G.B. Grayson and Henry Whitter (Victor V40135).  Transcribed by Ben Schwartz.

"Where are you going Alice, my own heart's delight?
Where are you going Alice, this dark and rainy night?"
"Down in yonder city my attention does remain
Looking for a young man, Sweet William is his name."

"Never mind young William, he will not meet you there,
Never mind young William, he will not meet you there,
Never mind young William, he will not meet you there,
Just stay with me in green lands, no danger need you fear."

When she heard this sad news she fell into despair,
Wringing her hands and tangling her hair,
"If Willie he is drownded, no other will I take,
Through lonesome roads and valleys I'll wander for his sake."

(Poor little Alice)

When he heard this sad news he could no longer stand.
He took her in his arms, "Little Alice I'm the man.
Little Alice I'm the young man that's caused you all this pain.
But now we've met in green lands we'll never part again."


Date for Grayson and Whitter is from _Country Music Sources_ by Guthrie T Meade Jr with Dick Spottswood and Douglas S. Meade (Chapel Hill, 2002), p. 10.

Meade, Spottswood and Meade, page 10 has the comment that "Although no mention of the banks of Claudie is made on this recording, I feel it is closer to N40 than any other classification." I would make a stronger statement than that. Every line of "Where Are You Going Alice?" is substantially the same as, or clearly derived from a Bodleian broadside or some traditional version of "The Banks of Claudy" (such as Morton-Ulster). For example, "green lands" replaces the banks of Claudy for Grayson and Whitter ("Just stay with me in green lands, no danger need you fear.") where Morton-Ulster has "green woods" ("Oh tarry with me to yon green woods, no danger need you fear").

The matrix number for the Grayson and Whitter's "Where Are You Going Alice?" is V40135B; Meade, Spottswood and Meade has BVE 46636-2. The tune is close to, but not the same as, "Charles Guiteau." - BS

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Alternate titles: “Claudy Banks”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: before 1839 (broadside, Bodleian Harding B 11(1847))
Found in: US(Ap,MW,SE,So) Canada(Mar) Britain(Scotland) Australia Ireland