“Sweet Heaven (II)”


Singer is going to the racetrack; he promises to share any winnings with his sweetheart. Rest floats, e.g. "Give beefsteak when I'm hungry, whiskey when I'm dry...." Chorus: "Let her go (x2) God bless her/Though she roams over land and sea...."


This certainly has strong overlaps with "Dear Companion", paraphrasing its chorus and some of its verses. But its gestalt is different, and it has acquired a life of its own, so I split them. - PJS

I put SharpAp 243, here because its first floating verse is "Beefsteak when I'm hungry...," but it's really a mess of floaters, one of which also shows up in the "Betty Anne" version of "Shady Grove." Although it was collected in 1917, I'm not assigning that as Earliest Date for "Sweet Heaven (II)," but I note it here. - PJS

Cross references


  • Clint Howard et al, "Sweet Heaven When I Die" (on WatsonAshley01)
  • Arthur Smith Trio, "Sweet Heaven" (Bluebird B-7146, 1937)
  • Tenneva Ramblers, "Sweet Heaven When I Die" (Victor 20861, 1927)


  1. SharpAp 243, "Liza Anne" (1 text, 1 tune)
  2. Roud #7697
  3. BI, RcSwHeav


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1927 (recording, Tenneva Ramblers)
Found in: US(SE)