“Country Blues”


Floating verses; singer is in jail, possibly dying, lamenting his fate and hard living.


This is ALMOST a nonballad, but not quite; there is a hint of narrative. And while most of the verses show up elsewhere, this song as a gestalt comes squarely from its performer, Dock Boggs. -PJS

Some people consider this a version of "Darling Corey," the tune is very close and they share a lot of lyrics. But I tentatively agree with Paul: There are several unrelated verses on the front, and *they* make this a separate song.

Roud lumps the piece with "I Wonder Where's the Gambler" [Laws H22]. It may perhaps have been inspired by fragments of that song. - RBW

Cross references


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  • New Lost City Ramblers, "Country Blues" (on NLCR05) (on NLCR16)


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Alternate titles: “Give Me Corn Bread When I'm Hungry”; “Hustling Gamblers”
Author: Unknown, possibly Homer Crawford; add'l verses by Dock Boggs
Earliest date: 1927 (recording, Dock Boggs)
Found in: US