French language: "Malbrouck s'en va-t-en dguere-re/Marlborough he's gone to war." Marlborough is slow in returning home; he is dead and in his tomb. Details of his funeral are given


For the history of this tune, see the entry on "We Won't Go Home Until Morning."

It should be noted that this song has nothing to do with the historical Marlborough.

Chase describes "Molly Brooks" as an American "wearing-down" of Marlborough. Hence the classification of his dance piece here rather than under one of the other Malbrouck tunes. - RBW

Historical references

  • 1650-1727 - Life of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough
  • 1701-1714 - War of the Spanish Succession, pitting France and Spain against Britain, Austria, and many smaller nations. Marlborough made a reputation by winning the battles of Blenheim (1704), Ramillies (1706), and Oudenarde (1708) (he fought a draw at Malplaquet in 1709)

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1896 (Trebucq)
Found in: France