“Johnny Sands”


Johnny says he is tired of life and asks his wife to help him drown. She is to tie his hands and push him into the river. As she comes running down the slope, he steps aside and falls in. When she calls for help, he points out that she has tied his hands


A number of editors confuse "Johnny Sands" [Laws Q3] and "Marrowbones" [Laws Q2]. They obviously have thematic similarity, and probably have exchanged parts. But the "gimmick" is different in each case; there seems no doubt that they are now separate songs. - RBW

Cross references


  • Grace Carr, "Johnny Sands" (on Saskatch01)


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Alternate titles: “Johnny Vands”
Author: unknown (claimed by John Sinclair in an 1842 broadside)
Earliest date: 1842
Found in: US(Ap,MW,NE,Ro,SE,So) Ireland Britain(England(South),Scotland) Canada(West)