“Fogan MacAleer”


"There lived in bonny Scotland a man named MacAleer ... he had the queerest notions ... don't you know what I mean?" He asks the blacksmith's help to buy Lauchlan Ban's mare. The blacksmith tricks MacAleer so that he marries Ban's daughter Mary instead.


Ives-DullCare refers to "the Scottish custom of having a go-between approach the prospective bride's father to arrange for a marriage." Ives finds a manuscript of "a song called 'The Jolly Barber' which was clearly Doyle's model for this song." The key fragment here is "don't you know what I mean?"; the song is apparently indexed here as "The Jolly Barber Lad."- BS

Cross references


  • Joseph Walsh, "Fogan MacAleer" (on MREIves01)


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Author: Lawrence Doyle
Earliest date: 1965 (Ives-DullCare)
Found in: Canada(Mar)