"Oh! Derwentwater's a bonny lord, And golden is his hair." He travels the land calling for people to support "good King James." The lord of the castle he visits will have nothing to do with him, but the lady sighs for the handsome young man.

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From Stokoe/Reay, Songs and Ballads of Northern England, pp. 128-129.

Oh! Derwentwater's a bonny lord,
  And golden is his hair,
And glintin' is his hawkin' e'e
  Wi' kind love dwelling there.

Yestreen he cam' to our lord's yett,
  And loud, loud, did he ca',
"Rise up, rise up, for good King James,
  And buckle and come awa'."

(Stanzas 1, 2 of 10)


The text of this ballad is not really sufficient to establish that the Derwentwater mentioned is "the" Derwentwater; it's at least theoretically possible that "good King James" was someone other than the Old Pretender. But a young, handsome Derwentwater campaigning for King James certainly sounds like the hero of "Lord Derwentwater." - RBW

Historical references

  • 1715 - the 1715 Jacobite rebellion
  • Sept. 1715 - Warrant issued for Derwentwater's arrest. He responds by openly going into revolt
  • Nov. 14, 1715 - Derwentwater and his comrades forced to surrender
  • Feb 24, 1716 - Execution of Derwentwater at the age of (probably) 26

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1900 (Stokoe/Reay)
Keywords: Jacobites love
Found in: Britain(England(North))