“Chanson sur le Desastre de Baie Ste-Anne (Song on the Baie Ste-Anne Disaster)”


French. The fishermen of Baie Ste-Anne and Escuminac go out expecting to return but the sudden storm takes 35 lives. Hearers are told to be prepared to meet God suddenly. Life is like a large ocean and each day we go toward eternity as in a light boat.


Manny/Wilson: "Baie Ste-Anne is the French-speaking settlement south of Escuminac." A source for information about the disaster is _The Ecuminac Disaster_ by Roy Saunders. - BS

The Escuminac tragedy was one of those defining moments for its community. Manny/Wilson report that performers sang no fewer than five songs about it at the 1959 Miramichi Folk Festival, and another in 1960 -- one, in fact, a tribute to the area by one of the drowned men. Of these six, they reported three, including this one. - RBW

Historical references

  • June 19, 1959 - 22 salmon boats and 35 crewmen from Escuminac lost in a storm (Manny/Wilson)


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Author: Jerry Hebert of Lagaceville (Manny/Wilson)
Earliest date: 1959 (Manny/Wilson)
Found in: Canada(Mar)