“Amhrainin Siodraimin”


Gaelic. Martin, a fuller from Bandon, owned a ship. The women "went wild all around him" but Molly and her mother kept after him until "they had poor Martin hooked." Now "he has his troubles; two women at his fireside and a cot in the corner"


OCanainn: "The chorus [and title] is well nigh untranslatable ... just providing syllables for each beat of the jig rhythm.

The description is based on the OCanainn translation.

"Fulling ... produces a warm, resistant cloth, quality notwithstanding.... [F]ullers join the ranks of the wealthy artisans and guilds in the fourteenth century, by which time it can only signify someone responsible for, or with a controlling interest in, the mill itself." (source: Michael Gervers, _The textile industry in Essex in the late 12th and 13th centuries: A study based on occupational names in charter sources_ , University of Toronto site).

Bandon is up the Bandon River from Cork.- BS


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Author: unknown
Found in: Ireland