“Young Conway”


The singer tells how Conway and two others go to Renfrew and embark on a "Poland Spree." They find themselves in a fight, and eventually everyone turns on Conway. He dies of his injuries late the next day. Many grieve for him


Apparently based on an incident of 1886, in Renfrew, in which Conway and his companions crashed a Polish wedding party. Their gift (a baby carriage) was not appreciated, and a fight broke out in which Conway was killed. Conway was stabbed some twenty times, but no one was charged because it was impossible to determine who struck the fatal blow.

According to Fowke's informant, Michael Cuddihey, singing this song in mixed (Irish and Polish) company was guaranteed to cause fights. - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1965 (Fowke)
Keywords: homicide death party
Found in: Canada(Que)