“You Got to Move”


"You got to move (x2)... When God gets ready, you've got to move." In one form, "That preacher's got to move!" "That drunkard's got... " "I got..." Whether high or low, policeman or prostitute, when the Lord gets ready, "you got to move"


  • Rev. Gary Davis, "You Got to Move" (on GaryDavis02)
  • Brother Claude Ely, "You Got to Move" (King 1282, 1953)
  • Morning Star Hall Singers, "You Got to Move" (on SeaIslFF1)
  • Two Gospel Keys, "You've Got to Move" (Solo 10-007, 1946; on Babylon)


  1. Roud #16194
  2. BI, RcYGtoMo


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1946 (recording, Two Gospel Keys)
Found in: US(MA,SE)