“You Canna Put It on to Sandy”


Sandy knows he's taken to be simple but in every case he is shown to be more clever than "anither fella." "I'm not sae green as you may seem, Did you think I'm soft as candy? ... you canna put it on to Sandy"

Long description

A chap comments on Sandy's red hair; Sandy offers him some to seed his own bald scalp. Sandy is watching ducks at a farm; a hunter offers him a pound for a shot at one of the ducks; Sandy takes the money; the hunter's shotgun kills 21 ducks and he apologizes; Sandy says he can shoot again because the ducks aren't his. Sandy leaves a play after act one because the programme says act two is a year later. Sandy gets along well with his wife; he takes no offense when he finds a man in bed with his wife; he says he plays the same game with that man's wife.


Hall, notes to Voice07: "'You Canna Put It on to Sandy' has the series of episodal verses associated with songs from the variety theatre, but was probably put together by Willie Kemp, the entertainer from Oldmeldrum, who recorded it in 1930." - BS


  • Jimmy McBeath, "You Canna Put It on to Sandy" (on Voice07)


  1. Roud #5143


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1930 (recorded by Willie Kemp, according to Hall, notes to Voice07)
Found in: Britain(Scotland(Aber))