“Yeo Heave Ho!”


Capstan shanty. "Yeo heave ho! Round th' capstan go. Heave, men, with a will. Tramp an' tramp it still. The Anchor must be weighed (x2). Yeo heave ho! Yeo heave ho!" Similarly, "Yeo heave ho, cheerily we go." "...Raise her from below"


Given its inclusion in "Music of the Waters" and, according to Hugill, its form and tune, this may be one of the earliest examples of a capstan shanty, and may also be the sing-out referred to in Dana's _Two Years Before the Mast._ - SL


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1888 (L.A. Smith, _Music of the Waters_)
Keywords: shanty ship
Found in: Britain