“Yankee Manufactures”


"I wish I was in Yankee lad, And was a boy again, sirs... I'd never wander from my home... But stay at home, eat pumpkin pie Of Yankee manufacture." The singer boasts of things "of Yankee manufacture:" Pretty girls, George Washington, British defeats

Historical references

  • June 17, 1775 - American defeat at the Battle of Bunker Hill. The Americans are pushed from their positions, but inflict heavy casualties on the British, and so feel they have earned some bragging rights.
  • Jan 8, 1815 - Battle of New Orleans. Although a peace had already been signed, word had not yet reached Louisiana, which Pakenham sought to invade. Andrew Jackson's backwoodsmen easily repulse Pakenham


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1941 (Songs of Yesterday)
Found in: US