“Willie Rambler”


Willie Rambler leaves Lough Erne for Scotland and meets Mary "the pride of Glasgow Town." He asks that she "show to me the way." She offers him five hundred pounds to stay with her. "How could I leave Lough Erne's banks where my young Molly dwells?"


Notes to IRHardySons quote the sleevenotes to another album which present a different picture than mine: "Willie Rambler ... is quite a businessman and, when asked his price to stay with her, immediately demands five hundred pounds. After the price is agreed he then proceeds to praise the beauties of Ballyshannon and Lough Erne...." (reference is to Dermot McLaughlin notes to Gabriel McArdle, "Dog Big Dog Little," Claddagh CC51CD). - BS


  • James Halpin, "Willie Rambler" (on IRHardySons)


  1. Roud #3576
  2. BI, RcWilRa


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1980 (IRHardySons)
Found in: Ireland