“Whose Old Cow”


"Twas the end of roundup the last day of June, Or maybe July I just don't remember...." The signer describes the the gathering for the roundup. When the herds gathered, "Nig" Add separates the herds. An unknown brand puzzles him; he claims the cow


This is another Thorp poem that does not seem to have made any mark in oral tradition. Its racist tone ("White folks [are] smarter'n Add"), as well as its somewhat forced diction and the obscure use of branding terms, probably guarantee continued obscurity. - RBW


  1. Thorp/Fife XXI, pp. 247-250 (42-44), "Who's Old Cow" (2 texts, though they look at best marginally related)
  2. Roud #8045
  3. BI, TF21


Alternate titles: “Brands”
Author: N. Howard Thorp
Earliest date: 1908
Keywords: cowboy work