“We're Coming, Sister Mary”


The singer recalls a cold night in winter when he was with (his young wife) Mary when a voice came through the window, "We are coming, sister Mary." (The performance is repeated for two nights), and the singer finds Mary dead

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We're Coming, Sister Mary
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From Norman Cazden, Herbert Haufrecht, Norman Studer, Folk Songs
of the Catskills, #84, pp. 315-316. From the singing of Elwyn Davis.

One stormy night in winter,
When the winds blew cold and wet,
I heard some heavenly music
I never shall forget.

We're coming, sister Mary,
We're coming, bye and bye,
Be ready, sister Mary,
For the time is drawing nigh.

(stanzas 1, 3 of 3)


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Author: original music: Henry Clay Work (Words by Work and/or Edwin Pearce Christy)
Earliest date: 1853 (sheet music)
Found in: US(MA,MW,So)