It's Spring. The birds united in song are Up. Plants, flowers, weeds are Up. Trees, brambles, crops, frogs, cocks all are Up. "The progress of this rising rage, No human power can stop. Then Tyrants, cease your war to wage, For Nature will be -- Up"


Moylan: "The word 'Up' was a password of the United Irishmen." - BS

Unfortunately for the United Irish, in 1798 not only were the plants, flowers, trees, weeds, frogs and whatnot not up, but neither were most of the Irish. Large numbers had been disarmed (and they were going to be armed only with pikes anyway). Their leadership was imprisoned. The French came too late and in numbers too small. The rebelion fizzled almost completely; see, e.g., the notes to "The Shan Van Voght," "Boulavogue," "The Boys of Wexford," "General Monroe," and "Edward (III) (Edward Fitzgerald)." - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1797 (_Northern Star_, according to Moylan)