“Uncle Joe Cut Off His Toe (Rock the Cradle Joe)”


"Uncle Joe cut off his toe And hung it up to dry; And all the girls began to laugh And Joe began to cry." "Rock the cradle, rock the cradle, Rock the cradle, Joe...." Remaining verses, if any, appear to float; those quoted are characteristic


  1. BrownIII 97, "Uncle Joe Cut Off His Toe" (3 texts plus mention of 2 more, but "B" is probably "Shady Grove"; "A" is an incredible mix with verses typical of "Raccoon," "If I Had a Scolding Wife," a "Liza Jane" song, a mule song, and "Shady Grove")
  2. Scarborough-NegroFS, pp. 153-154, "Cradle Song" (1 text)
  3. Roud #741
  4. BI, Br3097


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1952 (Brown)
Found in: US(SE)