“Two Little Girls in Blue”


A young man finds his uncle gazing at a photograph in tears. When asked why, the uncle explains the photo is of the boy's mother's sister, who married the uncle. The uncle and his wife have parted, and now he regrets it

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Two Little Girls in Blue
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From Norman Cazden, Herbert Haufrecht, Norman Studer, Folk Songs
of the Catskills, #106, pp. 394-396. From the singing of Celia Kelder.

An old man gazed on a photograph
  Locket he'd worn for years;
His nephew then asked him why
  That picture caused him tears;
"If you will listen, a story I'll tell,
  A story that's strange but true:
Your father and I, one day at school,
  Met two little girls in blue.

  "Two little girls in blue, lad,
    Two little girls in blue,
  We were two brothers and they were sisters,
    We learned to love the two;
  But one little girl in blue, lad,
    She won your father's heart,
  Became your mother; I married the other,
    But we have drifted apart."

(1 additional stanza) 

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Author: Charles Graham
Earliest date: 1893 (original publication)
Keywords: family separation
Found in: US(MA,MW) Canada(Newf)