“Two Faithful Lovers”


A story of a couple "yet, though feeble, old and gray / they're faithful lovers still." They've had "dull November hours as well as days of May" since they first courted. "Together hand-in-hand they pass, advancing down life's hill," faithful to the end


  • Recordings: [Leonard] Rutherford & [John] Foster, "The Faithful Lovers" (Challenge 423 [as Crocker & Cannon, "Two Faithful Lovers", 1929) (Brunswick 581, c. 1931; rec. 1930; on KMM)


  1. Roud #11515
  2. BI, Rc2FaLov


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1929 (recording, Rutherford & Foster)
Keywords: age love marriage lover
Found in: US(Ap)