“Twelve Gates to the City”


Spiritual: "Oh, what a beautiful city/There's twelve gates to the city, halleluiah"; "Three gates in the east, three gates in the west/Three gates in the north, three gates in the south."


I know there are earlier recordings of this piece (it was a showpiece for Rev. Gary Davis), and probably earlier printed citations too, but I haven't found them yet. - PJS

The image of the heavenly city may possibly be derived from Chapter 21 of the Apocalypse, but the twelve gates of the city, three on each side, are unquestionably taken from Ezekiel 48:30-34. - RBW


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Alternate titles: “Oh, What a Beautiful City”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1929 (recording, Norfolk Jubilee Quartet)
Keywords: nonballad religious
Found in: US(SE)