“Tramps and Hawkers”


"Come a' ye tramps and hawker lads and gaitherers o' blaw... I'll tell tae ye a rovin' tale, an' places I hae been, Far up intae the snowy north or sooth by Gretna Green." The singer describes his travels, sights he has seen, worries he hasn't had


This song is best known not for its banal lyrics but for its widely-recognized and used tune (also known as "Paddy West"). - RBW

Yates, Musical Traditions site _Voice of the People suite_ "Notes - Volume 20" - 15.1.04: "It was first collected from both James Angus and James Morrison in 1909 and appears in the Greig-Duncan Collection Vol 3 p.271." - BS

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1909 (Greig-Duncan, according to Yates)
Keywords: rambling
Found in: Britain(Scotland)