“There's A Girl in the Heart of Maryland”


"In a quaint, old-fashioned garden in a quaint, old-fashioned town... Where the old Potomac's llowing, that is where I long to be." "There's a girl in the heart of Maryland with a heart that belongs to me." He asks that the parson be ready when he returns


According to Sigmund Spaeth, _A History of Popular Music in America_, MacDonald and Carroll had two big hits in 1913: This and "On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine" (the latter apparently being the first-published, since it is mentioned on the sheet music of this piece). Both produced quite a few other pop hits, though very few of them made the jump into oral tradition. - RBW


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Author: Words: Ballard MacDonald / Music: Harry Carroll
Earliest date: 1913 (sheet music)
Keywords: love reunion marriage
Found in: US(MW)