“The Wreck of the Maggie”


Maggie leaves Brooklyn in Bonavista Bay and arrives in St John's harbour "when Captain Blunden cried, 'My boys, there's a steamer bearing down.'" Maggie and the steamer Tiber crash. Many are drowned

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Wreck of the Maggie, The
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          *** A ***

As printed in Ryan & Small, Haulin' Rope & Gaff, pp. 42-43. Reprinted
from Leach, Folk Ballads and Songs of the Lower Labrador Coast. Sung
by Abram Roberts.

The scene that followed -- O God is branded on my brain,
And rather would I join the drowned than witness it again.
The cries of sweethearts pierced the air in a desp'rate fight for life,
When a brother saw a brother sink and a husband saw his wife.

At ten forenoon November five the Maggie sailed away
From her happy home near Brooklyn in Bonavista Bay.
Light winds did waft her on her course; light hearted was her crew;
And Friday off the Narrows the city came in view.

(Stanzas 1-4 of 11 -- or, properly, 1 and 2 of 5-1/2; the lyrics are
printed in half-stanzas of two long lines even though the tune
extends over four long lines)

Historical references

  • Nov 7, 1896 - The Maggie sinks after collision with the Tiber in St John's Harbour (source: Northern Shipwrecks DataBase)

Cross references

  • cf. "Loss of the Maggie" (subject)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1960 (Leach-Labrador)
Keywords: death ship crash wreck
Found in: Canada(Newf)