“The Wreck of the 1256”


"On that cold and dark cloudy evenin', Just before the close of day, There came Harry Lyle and Dillard." An accident causes their train to fall into the James River. Lyle, with a head wound, dies in the cabin. Railroad men are warned of their danger

Historical references

  • Jan 3, 1925 - On a cold night, the 1256 hits a rockslide and is pitched into the James River. Engineer Harry Lyle is killed; crewman Sydney Dillard is saved by hoboes


  • Vernon Dalhart, "The Wreck of the 1256" (Columbia 15034-D [as by Al Craver], 1925)


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Author: Carson J. Robison (writing as Carlos B. McAfee)
Earliest date: 1925 (copyright)
Keywords: train wreck death warning