“The Wreck of Number Nine”


A railroad engineer, whose wedding is set for the next day, leaves his sweetheart and sets out on his train. Rounding a curve, he sees another train coming. He is mortally wounded in the crash. He leaves his fiancee the cottage that would have been theirs


This, like "Zeb Tourney's Girl" [Laws E18], appears to be a Robison song that became traditional as a result of the Vernon Dalhart recording, though this seems to have had a stronger grip on tradition.

Indeed, Cohen states that, of the train wreck ballads he printed, only "Old 97" an "Engine 143" ("The Wreck on the C & O" [Laws G3]) were more popular. Both of the former are anonymous, and both based on real events; this is therefore the most popular fictional train wreck song, and also the most popular train song with a single known author.

It entered tradition very quickly; Henry collected his version from Mary E. King in 1929.

In recent years, a part of this tune has found some additional success (at least in bluegrass circles) as the basis for the chorus in the Goble/Drumm song "Coleen Malone." - RBW


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Author: Carson J. Robison
Earliest date: 1927 (recording, Vernon Dalhart)
Found in: US(Ap,So,SW)