“The Wild Buckaroo”


"I've been ridin' cattle for most of my life, I ain't got no family and I ain't got no wife." The cowboy boasts of his exploits, tells of the places he has worked, describes what he likes, and concludes "I'm a high-loping cowboy and a wild buckaroo."


Glenn Ohrlin credits this to Curley Fletcher.

These days this song is probably known best in its parody version, which Ohrlin also credits to Fletcher; in the parody, a succession of increasingly bawdy verses follows the clean ones. - PJS

Logsdon also credits a verion to Fletcher. The interesting question is whether all the songs listed e.g. by the Fifes as "Cowboy Boasters" can be lumped, and if not, how to split them -- the format of this, in two-line independent couplets, makes almost infinite rearrangement possible. It is noteworthy, for instance, how different are Logsdon's clean and dirty versions. - RBW

Cross references

  • cf. "Strawberry Roan" (tune)


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Author: Curley Fletcher ?
Earliest date: 1966
Found in: US