“The Webster of Brechin's Mare”


When the webster's (weaver's) old mare declares she can work no more; when the man threatens her, she faints. He skins the horse. Awakening in the night, it comes to the door; a lad kills it fears he has done murder, then discovers it is a horse

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Webster of Brechin's Mare, The
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          *** A ***

As printed by W. H. Logan, The Pedlar's Pack of Ballads and Songs,
pp. 402-404. Immediate source not clearly stated. From a chapbook
published by T. Johnston of Falkirk and dated 1815.

In Brechin did a Webster dwell,
  Who was a man of fame,
He was the deacon o' his trade,
  John Steinson was his name.
A mare he had, a lusty jade,
  Saw sturdy, stark, and strang,
Baith Lusty and trusty;
  And he had spared her lang.

(10 additional stanzas)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1815 (chapbook used by Logan)
Found in: Britain(Scotland)