“The Wayward Boy”


The Wayward Boy has sex with a girl, who gives him "pimples thick" upon his penis in exchange for the "two little mutts up her guts."


Legman styles the one-stanza fragment in Randolph-Legman I by an alternate title. - EC

Not to be confused with the Charlie Poole song of the same title (Rorrer, p. 87), which does not appear to be a traditional song. - RBW

Cross references

  • cf. "The Fire Ship" (plot) and references there
  • cf. "The Girl I Left Behind Me (lyric)" (tune & meter) and references there


  1. Cray, pp. 86-89, "The Wayward Boy" (1 text, 1 tune)
  2. Randolph-Legman I, p. 146, "Two Ruby Red Lips" (1 text, 1 tune)
  3. Roud #10408
  4. BI, EM086


Author: unknown
Found in: US(SW,So)