“The Valley of Knockanure (II)”


"You may sing and speak of Easter week and the heroes of ninety-eight" but nothing was said about Knockanure. Dalton, Walshe, and Lyons are killed by the Black and Tans. Dalton's mother wishes she could kiss him before burying him.


The first line is a reference to songs: "Who fears to speak of Ninety-Eight?" from John Kells Ingram's "The Memory of the Dead," and the 1916 song "Who fears to speak of Easter Week?" - BS

For background on this song, and the confusions about authorship, see the notes to "The Valley of Knockanure (I)." - RBW

Historical references

  • May 12, 1921 - A troop of Black and Tans capture and shoot Lyons, Walsh and Dalton in Gortaglanna, Knockanure, County Kerry. (source: the Moyvane site)

Cross references


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Author: Bryan McMahon (source: Tunney-SongsThunder)
Earliest date: 1950 (Tunney-SongsThunder)
Found in: Ireland