“The Twin Ballots”


Two ballots are cast together on election day. One is by the local brewer, the other by a "Sunday school man." The Sunday school man spends all day denouncing saloons, but votes for rum. The song waxes sarcastic about this hypocrisy

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Twin Ballots, The
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From Fred W. Allsopp, Folklore of Romantic Arkansas, Volume II,
p. 211. From Leone DuVal, who believes she learned it in Missouri
around 1895.

Along in November, when chill was the weather
  Two ballots were cast in a box together,
They nestled up close, like brother and brother,
  You couldn't tell one of those votes from the other.


They were both rum voters
  And sanctioned the license plan,
But one was cast by a jolly old brewer
  And one by a Sunday School man.


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1925 (Randolph)
Keywords: drink political clergy
Found in: US(So)