“The Town of Oranmore (If You Ever Go Over to Ireland)”


Singer, possibly American, warns against women of Ireland; one of them has made a fool of him. He picks her up; she asks him to take her to dinner at Cleary's; he wraps her in his cloak; she scratches his nose, tears his clothes, and, apparently, robs him


The plot is somewhat confused. Oranmore is located at the extreme east of Galway Bay, and it was a popular place for Travellers to part their caravans, especially around the time of the Galway race meeting. The song originated in the Irish music-halls. - PJS

Hall, notes to Voice04: "in the McNulty Family's original it is his bank roll she swipes." - BS


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Author: Shaun O'Nolan
Earliest date: 1955 (sung by Margaret Barry on Voice04)
Found in: Ireland