“The Southern Cross (II)”


The Southern Cross sails out through the ice and is last sighted by the Portia off Cape St Mary's sailing home.


The _Southern Cross_ last sighted by SS _Portia_ on March 31, 1914 sailing home to St John's with a cargo of seals. Believed "foundered in blizzard" with a loss of about 172 men. (Lehr/Best, Northern Shipwrecks Database)

Lehr/Best: see "The Newfoundland Disaster" for another ballad about another wreck in the same storm. "This was a particularly sad and tragic time for Newfoundland... leaving a total of about 252 dead in one month." - BS

Historical references

  • Mar 31, 1914 - Last sighting of the Southern Cross

Cross references


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Author: unknbown
Earliest date: 1976 (Lehr/Best)
Found in: Canada(Newf)