“The Sons of Hibernia”


"Brave sons of Hibernia, your shamrocks display, For ever made sacred on St Patrick's day." The shamrock is "the badge of our saint," "a type of religion." It is "an emblem of charity, friendship, and love. May the blight of disunion no longer remain."

Cross references

  • cf. "St Patrick's Day" (tune, per Broadside Bodleian 2806 b.10(184))


  • Bodleian, 2806 b.10(184), "The Sons of Hibernial", unknown, n.d.


  1. O'Conor, p. 150, "The Sons of Hibernia" (1 text)
  2. BI, OCon150


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1901 (O'Conor)
Found in: Ireland nonballad patriotic