“The Song That Reached My Heart”


"I sat ?midst a mighty throng within a palace grand, In a city far beyond the sea, in a distant foreign land," as a girl sings "Home, Sweet Home." The memories of home, and the song, affect him deeply


This strikes me as pretty feeble, but it was the first of several fairly big hits for Julian Jordan; he published this in 1887, then "Light of My Life" in 1889, 'Sweet Charity" in 1890, an "Just As We Used To Do at Home" in 1893 (gleaned from Spaeth, _A History of Popular Music in America_, pp. 604-607). He doesn't seem to have done much of note after that.

This business of a song inspiring a memory seems to have been a common idea in the late nineteenth century; Gussie L. Davis did it with "Sweet Refrain," which seems to treat "Old Folks at Home (Swanee River"" the way this song treats "Home! Sweet Home!" - RBW


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Author: Julian Jordan (1850-1927)
Earliest date: 1887 (copyright)
Keywords: home nonballad music
Found in: US(MW)