“The Slob Song”


The ship is loaded and heads to Forteau. It is caught in slob ice at Launce Amour cove. A rescue boat fastens a line from shore to the ship. While four men and three women hold the line the crew pull the ship to shore. Crew and cargo are safely landed.

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Slob Song, The
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          *** A ***

From MacEdward Leach, Folk Ballads & Songs of the Lower Labrador Coast,
#73, pp. 192-193. "Sung by Leo O'Brien, Lance au Loup, August 1960."

On the fourteenth of December in the middle of the year,
We left our home in Point Armour and for Forteau we did steer.
We loaded our boat with furniture, as you may understand,
And then we soon got ready and returned for home again.

(9 additional stanzas)


Forteau Bay and L'Anse Amour are on the lower Labrador coast on the Strait of Belle Isle. - BS


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Author: Leo O'Brien
Earliest date: 1928 (Leach-Labrador)
Keywords: rescue sea ship
Found in: Canada(Newf)