“The Shores of Coolough Bay”


The singer "was one of the Urhan football team." "Now we are scattered far and wide from the shores of Coolough Bay". He has worked at many jobs in Ireland, Canada and, now, in the US. Best of all is the Shores of Coolough Bay. He is saving to return.


OCanainn: "This is a song about the Urban football teams of 1927, 28 and 29, who won the Cork County Intermediate Championships. Joe Murphy sang the song and thought it had been composed in New York by Maurice Power. Coolough Bay is an inlet off Kenmare Bay."

The singer lists some of his many activities since ending his football days: fishing with a seine-boat crew and enjoying dances at Coolough Bay; then mining, cowboying and working in a lumber shop. - BS


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1978 (OCanainn)
Found in: Ireland