“The Shooting of Bailey the Alleged Informer”


Bailey informs in December about concealed arms. Those he informed on are now in jail. "On Saturday night he met his fate All by a pistol volley, By some one unknown, who did him hate, Down in Skipper's Alley." "Mind what you say." Don't be an informer.


Zimmermann: No arrest was made. The Irish Republican Brotherhood is assumed behind the killing. - BS

One of the reasons for British success in Ireland was that the Irish never had any weapons. In the 1798, the British often found one or two pieces of artillery sufficient to disperse a force of rebels, who would have only a few muskets and little ammunition for what they had. As late as 1916 and the Casemate Affair, Irish nationalists were still trying to smuggle in guns. Naturally they were not too happy with people who cost them any part of their small collections. - RBW

Historical references

  • Feb 25, 1882 - Bernard Bailey shot dead in Dublin (source: Zimmermann)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1882 (Zimmermann)