“The Rigs of the Times”


Chorus: "Honesty's all out of fashion; These are the rigs of the times...." Detailing all the sharp business practices of the day, e.g. the butcher who charges two shillings a pound "and thinks it no sin" -- while placing his thumb on the scale!


Most scholars (e.g. Belden, Cox, Kennedy) assume that "The Rigs of the Times" (with chorus "Singing, Honesty's all out of fashion, These are the rigs of the times, times, me boys, These are the rigs of the times") is the same as "Hard Times" (with a short chorus such as "these times, these (hard/queer) times").

Personally, I'm not convinced, as the two seem to fall into very distinct groups. But because the equation is so common, I've followed it in the index. - RBW

Blondahl: "This ... was sent in by Paul Emberly, who informs that the lines were written by his late father." - BS

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1905 (Belden)
Found in: Britain(England(Lond,South)) US(MA,MW,NW,SE,So) Canada(Newf) Australia