“The Rich Merchant in Galway”


The sorrowful singer says "My love is tall and handsome, well shaped in every limb." Her father, a rich Galway merchant, advertises her 1400 pound fortune and sends her love "to plough the ocean"


One factor distinguishing this ballad from other imprest-or-sent-away-lover ballads is that it is told by the woman. Cinnamond's version has only two verses but seems complete and, in any case, any additional verses do not seem likely to lead to a happy ending: "when I think of my darling boy my sorrows do renew." - BS

Cross references


  • Robert Cinnamond, "The Rich Merchant in Galway" (on IRRCinnamond02)


  1. Roud #6999
  2. BI, RcTRMiGa


Alternate titles: “My Love is Tall and Handsome”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1955 (IRRCinnamond02)
Found in: Ireland