“The Relief of Derry”


"Dartmouth spreads her snow-white sail, Her purple pennant flying O: While we the gallant Browning hail, Who saved us all from dying" [Mountjoy] rams the blockade and seems stranded -- "we mourned our falling city" -- but "a favouring gale" frees it.


On July 28, 1689 three ships -- _Mountjoy_, _Dartmouth_, and _Phoenix_ -- on the Foyle broke the seige bringing food; captain of the _Mountjoy_ was Michael Browning, who was killed in the battle. (source: Cecil Kilpatrick, "The Seige of Derry: A City of Refuge" at the Canada-Ulster Heritage site) - BS

Historical references

  • Jul 28, 1689 - Browning's ships break the 105 day seige of Derry (source: Kilpatrick [see Notes])

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1987 (OrangeLark)