“The Red Herring”


Song describes the uses made of various parts of the herring, e.g., "Herring's eyes, puddings and pies/Herring's head, loaves of bread."


This is essentially the same song as the American "Sow Took the Measles" [and Roud lumps them - RBW]; "The Farmer and the Crow" (also American, but also found in Sweden) marries this song to "The Carrion Crow." -PJS

Kennedy declares his "Herring Song" and "The Red Herring" to be the same. I'm not sure I agree; while the theme is the same, the lyrics and stanza form are different. But he's seen more versions than I have; I tentatively follow his lead. The danger, of course, is that Kennedy will lump anything with anything. - RBW

Cross references


  • Johnny Doughty, "Herrings' Heads" (on Voice07)
  • Mikeen McCarthy, "The Herring" (on Voice14)


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Alternate titles: “The Herring's Head”; “The Herring's Heid”; “The Jovial Herring”; “The Jolly Red Herring”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1903 ("Cape Cod Dialect")
Found in: Britain(England(Lond,North,South)) Canada(Newf) Ireland