“The Railroad Boomer”


"Come and gather all around me, listen to my tale of woe... Take a tip from one who's travelled, never start to ramblin' round, Yu're liable to get the wandr'rin fever." The singer plans to marry, but then hears a train; he asks to be buried by the tracks


Somewhere in here, there's a joke about Robison writing a science fiction story about the future life of Woody Guthrie.

This is another of the songs in Cohen that comes from the railroad/hillbilly genre but that can't be shown to have circulated in oral tradition. - RBW


  • Frank Luther and Carson J. Robison, "The Railroad Boomer" (Victor V-40139 [as by Bud Billings and Robison], 1929) (Gennett 7019/Champion 15848/Champion 45020/Supertone 9567, 1929)


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Author: Carson J. Robison
Earliest date: 1929 (copyright and first recording)